Tuesday, August 27, 2013

High School!!

Yay! I was sooo excited to start high school. but then I got there and now I have cried both days of my first two days of high school. I bet you're wondering what happened. Weeeeeeell I guess I should tell you.

First day of school...
I'm at a whole new school (I'm a freshman). So I follow Jared to get my schedule. He shows me where and I grab it. I look at my brand new schedule and realize I don't have ANY of the classes I signed up for, not one single class. So I start freaking out and end up just going to a class that I did not sign up for. I then proceed to do that for the rest of the day stressed and sad and scared. When I got home I realized that I didn't have anyone to talk to (my mom was taking two of my older siblings to college)and I just burst into tears. luckily a few minutes later Katie Ferguson called and invited me over because she knew I was home alone and sad.

And that brings me to day two...
Today I found out that I couldn't talk to the counselors until tomorrow. So I went about my day again. This time I had a decent morning but than I had to go to the portables to see what lunch I had (even though I knew what lunch I had I was just listening to the principle) and on my way out (it had been raining that day, so the floor was wet) I slipped and fell, on the dirty floor, in my brand new super clean white pants. And then I BURST. INTO. TEARS. AT. SCHOOL. There are about 5 million reasons why, but I'll only tell a few of them. 1st it was embarrassing 2nd I ruined my pants 3rd I ended up not even needing to go there 5th I didn't have any friends at lunch so I ate alone and 6th I didn't even want the class that I was going to. And that is why I'm so upset. oh and my mom isn't even hear to talk to. And what's really ironic is that I was soo excited to start high school. but that is my first two days of high school.

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