Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 3

Today was better.
First I went to first period and tripped at the top of the stairs (luckily no white pants this time) and hurt my leg. Then I went to first and second period and during second period I got to go turn in the form to change my schedule and she looked at it, brought me into her room and fixed it all. so over all good. :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

High School!!

Yay! I was sooo excited to start high school. but then I got there and now I have cried both days of my first two days of high school. I bet you're wondering what happened. Weeeeeeell I guess I should tell you.

First day of school...
I'm at a whole new school (I'm a freshman). So I follow Jared to get my schedule. He shows me where and I grab it. I look at my brand new schedule and realize I don't have ANY of the classes I signed up for, not one single class. So I start freaking out and end up just going to a class that I did not sign up for. I then proceed to do that for the rest of the day stressed and sad and scared. When I got home I realized that I didn't have anyone to talk to (my mom was taking two of my older siblings to college)and I just burst into tears. luckily a few minutes later Katie Ferguson called and invited me over because she knew I was home alone and sad.

And that brings me to day two...
Today I found out that I couldn't talk to the counselors until tomorrow. So I went about my day again. This time I had a decent morning but than I had to go to the portables to see what lunch I had (even though I knew what lunch I had I was just listening to the principle) and on my way out (it had been raining that day, so the floor was wet) I slipped and fell, on the dirty floor, in my brand new super clean white pants. And then I BURST. INTO. TEARS. AT. SCHOOL. There are about 5 million reasons why, but I'll only tell a few of them. 1st it was embarrassing 2nd I ruined my pants 3rd I ended up not even needing to go there 5th I didn't have any friends at lunch so I ate alone and 6th I didn't even want the class that I was going to. And that is why I'm so upset. oh and my mom isn't even hear to talk to. And what's really ironic is that I was soo excited to start high school. but that is my first two days of high school.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh, bother!!

Let me tell you one thing. Brothers are alive only to bother their younger siblings. I have a brother, he's two years older than me, and we never get along. We scream, we threaten, we cry, and we hurt each other. Sometimes we get really worked up and scream hateful things at each other. But at the end of the day, even though we may not admit it, we still love each other. I love you Jared. (Wow this changed a lot!)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hello world!!

Hello world!! Welcome to my head, where anything can happen. This first post will be my life up until now.

So let's see, it all started out in my moms tummy. It was very lonely in there but safe and cozy, but then I joined the world, and I was not very excited about that. It was bright and loud and oh so confusing. I just wanted to crawl back into that warm cozy safe little life that I was used to, until I realized someone was holding me. So slowly, oh so slowly, I stopped crying and opened my eyes into the beautiful smiling face of my mother. And I knew right then that I would enjoy this world as long as I could share it with my mother.

Fast forward a few years and I have learned to talk, walk and read(which was my favorite), but the most important thing was that I shared it with my mom. I hadn't gone to preschool yet and I was starting to get restless. And finally that day came, but I realized(when I got there), that this was new too, and my mom couldn't stay. I was devastated. If my mom couldn't stay then I couldn't stay but my kind and patient mother explained to me that before I knew it she would be back and I wouldn't want to leave. So I put on a brave face and walked into this new chapter of my life.

I ended up loving preschool and, as my wise mom predicted, didn't want to go home. But my mom always happy and kind gently told me to, "GET OUT OF THAT SCHOOL AND GET YOUR BUTT IN THE CAR!!" Just kidding she just told me it was time to go and I could come back again tomorrow. And ever since that first day of preschool I have always loved school and learning.

Now, again, skip ahead a few years, and imagine rivers of tears and broken friendships leaving a trail from Orlando, Florida to Austin, Texas. This is what the two day move to Texas looked like for our family. It was long, and sad, and tearful, and gross(car sickness), and every other boring, horrible thing you could imagine all packed into two days of driving. But finally we were there and a big empty unused house sat there in front of us. I ran in screaming, "WE'RE HERE, WE'RE HERE!!!" and that is how I ended up here in Texas.

And since then I have made plenty of friends and have come to love this dry, desert of a place called Texas.